Best Shoes For Runners (+My Top Pick)

Needing new running shoes for Spring? Check out my favorites here!

Shelby Allan

2/20/20232 min read

Needing a new running shoe for Spring but need help figuring out where to start? The running shoe market has exploded recently, and many new brands are out there. So which shoe is best for you? No shoe is going to be perfect for everyone. We must consider the runner's activity level, the surface they will be running on, and their price range.

Best Budget-Friendly Running Shoe

Brooks Revel 5 $100

This shoe is a great starter shoe if you are beginning your running journey. It gives runners support and a cushioned sole that allows for a springy feeling when your foot leaves the surface. The Brooks Revel 5 is also great for indoor gym workouts or daily wear. The Revel 5 is affordable and is often on sale at It also comes in several fashionable colors that will fit any wardrobe.

Best Long Run Shoe

Hoka Kawana $140

Hoka is a well-known brand in the running world. The Kawana running shoe boats have several accolades for long runs. According to the Hoka website, this shoe's beveled heel creates a broader, flatter surface designed for smoother heel strikes. The Kawana also comes in six different colors.

Best Running Shoe for Beginners

Brooks Ghost 14 $140

I always say you'll never go back once you buy a pair of Brooks. Brooks has created a shoe for every type of runner. For beginners, they have many options, and you will easily find a shoe that fits your needs. I love the Ghost 14 running shoes. They are so versatile, and as a nurse, they support me throughout my long days working at the hospital. The Ghost 14 is often on sale, so check out the Brooks website for deals!

Best Trail Shoe

The Saucony Peregrine 12 $120

When trail running, the grip is going to be your best friend. Finding a shoe that will help you run in any terrain and keep you from slipping and sliding around is important. The Saucony Peregrine is lightweight but also provides excellent traction and support. Typically it runs around $120, but if you check out the Saucony, they often have this great shoe on sale.

My Top Pick

Hoka Clifton 9 $145

I recently bought my first pair of Hokas, and I absolutely love them. I wear them for my daily workouts and runs on gravel, and I also love to wear them to the grocery store. The cushioning feels excellent, and my heel lifts easily from the ground while running. This shoe is also made well. Although I have only had them for a few months, I have not noticed much wear and tear. They have been effortless to clean. I also love that Hoka uses bright and exciting color combinations; it spices up my workout wardrobe and makes working out a little more fun!

Wrap Up

So whether you need a shoe for your next marathon or a jog around the block, this guide should point you in the right direction to find a shoe that will fit your needs. For more running tips, be sure to check out Runner World. It is an excellent website for runners of all abilities; here, you will find information on training, health, and apparel. Now, get out there and run!